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How to Order a Suit

Concept/Reference Sheets

  • Its decently easy to order a suit from Splinter Fox Productions, But there a few things to do before we can start. If you want to commission a suit, you need to fill out a “Quote Form”, and provide a Reference sheet that has THREE views of your character. These reference sheets help us figure out what sort of suit you want, and if the markings can be done. The better the concept, the easier it will be to provide an accurate quote.

  • We have concept artists on standby. If you would like to receive a discount on your fursuit (Up to 50$) email us asking about our artists.


  • Once your quote/concept art has been accepted, a 30% deposit (non refundable) of the final price will need to be provided within 30 days to secure your spot on the list. If we do not receive the 30% of the the total within 30 days, your quote will expire and you will need to fill out another quote, before commissioning.

  • Payments are received in three ways: Paypal, check, or Money Order. All prices are USD.

  • Payments are monthly, or can be paid in full.

  • If you need to mail a check or money order. contact us before you do, for more details.

Please make Checks/Money Orders out to: Kyla Turner

  • You must be 18 years or age or older to commission SplinterFox Productions.

  • If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: [email protected]



  • Each suit/costume comes with a 2 month warranty! This covers things I may have messed up on, such as holes, popped seams, and other accidents. THIS DOES NOT COVER COSMETIC CHANGES. Repairs will be made for free during the two month period, only.

  • I do not offer refunds or returns, once the suit is finished, approved, and mailed off.

  • The following will void your warranty:

-Abuse/ Improper use of suit
-Altering the suit in ANY way
-Smelly/Soiled/Sexually used Suits

Turn Around Time

  • All suits are completed in the order they were received.


  • All orders can take up to TEN MONTHS to finish. Refunds available for the orders that do not get finished in that time.

  • In order to secure your deadline, you must pay for both the deposit, as well as the rush fee, in full, before finishing off payments. It IS required up front.

Rush Fee’s


Works In Progress (WIP’s)

– Often we like to post WIP’s for the public to see, but we usually send them to the commissioner first for approval.

-Photos from start to finish will be sent to you, to make sure you are happy with what you are getting.

– Faux fur will be discussed with before we start on your suit!


  • Changes to the design once the project is started will not be allowed without a determined fee.
  • WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL ANY COMMISSION at any stage if the customer is rude, pushy, demanding, or unreasonable.
  • The customer is allowed to cancel their commission at any time, but they MUST follow our refund policy.
  • We reserve the right to alter/sell off abandoned/cancelled commissions.
  • If you do not pay our monthly fees in accordance to our payment plan and cannot keep up constant contact, I reserve the right to cancel your commission and refund you only what you paid towards it. The deposit is non refundable. If something serious has happened, simply contact us and explain your situation. If you do not, your commission will be considered abandoned.
  • There are times where we have to refuse certain project. This is often due to time restraints, or the actual subject mater. There are certain designs/creatures we may not be able to fully execute. We will email you with a reason why we cannot take on your commission.



– ALL Items are shipped through USPS, and includes tracking. Insurance is available, but the customer themselves, must pay additionally for it. SplinterFox Productions IS NOT AT FAULT FOR LOST/STOLEN PACKAGES.

-International shipping is available, but can get pricey.

-Shipping is calculated after all items are made and weighed.

 -Customer is responsible for all shipping costs.


  • We will not reproduce copyrighted characters,costumes, or designs with out written consent of the company or individual who owns the character.
  • In your quote, please write out any important feature you want your costume to have. If you don’t, it may be overlooked, and I am not to be held responsible if you do not mention it, BEFORE We begin working on your commission.
  • We will not build in another makers style! If you ask us to build something in our older style, we can work with you on it, but we have the right to tell you no.

Allergen Warning

-We own pets. If you are highly allergic to pet hair, we recommend you do not commission. We do our best to keep our animals off the materials and fabric, but animals will be animals!

-Ours suits come from a smoke free home!